Mooresville Open Market


Join us at the old location 5 East Main Street this Saturday, December 1st for Victorian Christmas! There is a vintage and handmade market inside, and we have two booths stuffed full of the greatest of our great old merchandise, along with our boutique clothing line! 

10 am to 4 pm
Downtown Mooresville

Lots of other great family friendly things going on that day!

We welcome you to come and have a private shopping experience in our upstairs warehouse! The warehouse will be open by appointment only from now on, as we dedicate our resources to our online sales and markets we travel to. We will continue to update our website and facebook page so that you can know how and when and where to find us!



Coming up the first Saturday of December 2018....

The 30th Annual Victorian Christmas Celebration!
Downtown Mooresville

This is sure to be the best in a very long line of Victorian Christmas Celebrations held here in beautiful downtown Mooresville.  We turn back the clocks to a time where horses and carriages travelled up and down the street, and market vendors sold their wares to joyous families eagerly anticipating the upcoming holiday.  The smell of roasting chestnuts and the sounds of laughing children riding high on their high-wheel bicycles filled the air.  The puppet masters and magicians entertained in the streets and fiddlers roamed from shop to shop.  That is a mere snippet of the wonderments that await you in our little town on that magical day!  We wish you would come and enjoy the day with us! 

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