Mooresville Open Market

Vintage & Retro Antique Market

Mooresville Open Market Antiques
5 East Main Street
Mooresville, Indiana 46158


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Antiques, retro, vintage, flea market... whatever you call it, all that is old is new again. Magazines and television shows are featuring homes with an antique, vintage and flea market feel. It looks beautiful and it's often affordable, putting it within reach of nearly everyone. It enables people to recycle because it finds a new use for something that already exists. It has become popular to reuse antiques and vintage items by finding new and creative ways to use them in homes, offices and displays.


To be technically correct, the words “antique”, “retro” and “vintage” all have completely different meanings. But to anyone who is simply looking for stuff that is old, or at least feels old, the exact meanings don't really matter. “Antique” really means something that is 100 years or more old, but in some circles, the word “antiques” is changing to simply mean anything that is old or even feels old.


Some people are serious collectors, traveling miles and miles to find just the right antique or vintage item to add to their collection. Others build their entire trip or vacation around finding new places to buy items that are antique, vintage, and retro. People of all ages travel all around the United States, looking for and looking at antiques. Often, a sign on the road advertising antiques is enough to get people to make a detour to see another antique store they haven't visited before. Older folks do it to reminisce about their younger years. Younger people do it because they love all the “old” stuff. “Old” stuff has become new again.


Just 4.1 miles south of Interstate I-70 (at exit 66,) in Mooresville, IN, is our store, Mooresville Open Market Antiques. Mooresville Open Market Antiques sells all things antique, vintage and retro. We have a vintage atmosphere, starting with the front windows. Before you walk in the store, you will see that there is unique, vintage signage that has been hand-painted on the windows, enticing you to stop in and check us out. We often set vintage items on our sidewalk so passersby can browse, too.


Inside, we have 2 entire floors of antique, retro and vintage home decor. We have everything from furniture to linens, from old tools to old machines, from old china to old silverplated servingware. We also carry handmade items made by a local craftwoman. We even play vintage music! If your trip takes you traveling on I-70, stop in and see us!

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